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CHRISTMAS BOOK REVIEW: advent storybooks day 11

A quick and quiet review for you ~ perhaps it will inspire you to think more of someone else today!

Day 11 – Christmas Day in the Morning – Pearl S. Buck, illustrated by Mark Buehner

A very touching story about Rob, the oldest son of a dairy family, and the Christmas gift he gives his father … Rob is such a sleepy boy, he has trouble getting up in the morning to help his father milk the cows. On Christmas eve, Rob thinks about the sort of gift he could give his father … then he overhears his parents talking and realizes how much his father cares for him! This inspires Rob to think less about material gifts, and more about love shown through acts of kindness. The next morning, Rob wakes up early and does the milking chores for his father all alone… it’s truly a surprise neither of them will forget!

This is one of those books that really makes you *feel* Christmas. I’m such a sap, I find myself close to tears when subjects like this come up. I think in our modern interpretation of Christmas, we DO show (and in some instances expect) love through lavish gifts … we think very little of how actions represent our feelings! Let’s try not to forget that acts of love and appreciation can mean more than any other gift.    


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